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Blast Ability is a cooperative of leading explosives experts. World-class professionals contribute their knowledge and experience to ensure our courses are the best. Courses are available online and on demand. Address and improve what you need, when you need it.

Consulting and labour hire are available to help solve your blasting challenges.

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Learn from the best. Blast Ability's courses have been created collaboratively with industry experts that have experience consulting globally.

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Ideal for shot firers and drill and blast engineers seeking to learn more, or those wanting to work in the explosives industry.

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Online or onsite

Onsite consulting is available for face-to-face training or to provide support and advice to drill and blast operations.

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Learn about the primary causes of flyrock, scale depth of burial, its limitations and how to determine exclusion zones.


John Floyd Blast Dynamics
Lee Julian Blast Ability International

Guest Contributors

R. Frank Chiappetta Blast Analysis International
Cameron McKenzie Blastechnology

Course content

  • Define and understand flyrock
  • Primary causes of flyrock
  • Mitigating flyrock
  • Application of scale depth of burial
    • Primary charges
    • Stemming charges
    • Stab holes
  • Determining exclusion zones
  • Case studies
  • Flyrock management

The expected course duration is 2.5 hours. Once purchased you will have 30 days to complete the course.

Regular price$190.00 USD
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Blast Ability

Blast Ability International was founded in 2020 as a consultancy. Locked down by COVID, a pivot was required to continue offering training. E-learning is on demand, consistent and broad. All of the content that you need to know is covered.

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Blast Ability International was founded by Lee Julian. Blast Ability is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Lee has a BSc in mining engineering from UNSW and recognising the increasing importantance of data in blasting, he undertook a GC in Statistics at the University of Queensland. He has worked in various roles onsite and has been published by the ISEE, Fragblast, ACARP, AusIMM and SME.

Identifying the need for affordable, accessible and comprehensive drill and blast training, Blast Ability was founded with the goal of providing effective training. In 2020, a pivot was required to adapt to the COVID pandemic, resulting in the shift to e-learning.

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A thriving and safe explosives industry requires effective oversight and regulation. To help support a strong and safe explosives industry, Blast Ability International provides free access to courses for government regulators. Limited availability and conditions apply.